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Design is beyond aesthetics, styling and form. As technology becomes more and more complex, extending its grip on every field in our everyday lives, It’s the level of usability and the experience it delivers which determine how much of its potential we can utilize. As a designer in the 21st century it is imperative to be able to understand the technology involved on one hand, while on the other hand being able to deeply empathize with the users, their expectations and their own physical and emotional capabilities.

With a unique experience, built on more than 14 years of continuance work with state-of-the-art technologies in a wide variety of products, including handheld and head mounted devices, electro-optical, autonomous and robotic systems,  I bring extensive knowledge in transforming high tech ideas and prototypes to successful, intuitive products that people enjoy using.


An expert in analyzing usability and functional requirements, I help my clients optimizing design and delivering best in class products, while always taking mechanical requirements, manufacturing limitations and financial consideration into account.

I am a full member of association of the accredited Industrial Designers in Ontario (ACIDO) and
Holds a Master in Arts From the University of Wales and a Master in business innovation certificate from Domus Academy in Italy.


Having worked on numerous projects from early-stage concept and design strategy through product development and manufacturing, I am a strong advocate for using design as I witnessed its power to stir true innovation in businesses and gaining competitive edge with real market value.



With a variety of projects I led for various startups, entrepreneurs and mature companies,ranging from consumer products, electronics to aerospace and defense, I know how to tailor my services to each and every one.

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